Highwood, Illinois with historical roots in Chicago.

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  1. The Debonair’s story begins 126 years ago in 1893.

    In an era when consistent, balanced, and delicious spirits were near impossible to find, there was one recipe that tasted of pure perfection. The creation and distribution of this distilled gold was shrouded in mystery. Whispers of a powerful underground distillery and kingpin circulated. The rumored figured was eventually dubbed, “The Debonair.”

    The Debonair was said to be the brains behind the most sought after spirits in the country. This force of nature was able to produce high volumes of fine spirits and evade authorities during Prohibition. The recipes were consistent at a time of great inconsistency. The deliveries were reliable at a time when distribution was sketchy. There seemed to be an alliance with speak’easyies, mob bosses and politicians alike, at a time when the landscape of the country was as volatile as bathtub gin.

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